Sunday, June 15, 2008

73 Nominees, Environmental Hall of Fame Ceremony 2008. Each Field will be Appx 10 Minutes Long in Video.

*Denotes First 22 Inductees (Honorees), Inaugural Environmental Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony, 2008, at the Westin LAX, June 6, 2008

First Field: Media
Al Gore, Green Films/”An Inconvenient Truth”
Environmental Defense, PSA/“Train," Fred Krupp, President
Blue Man Group, PSA/”Earth to America”
Brad and Angelina, Celebrity/New Orleans
Ed Begley, Jr., Celebrity/All around environmentalist
Lester Brown, Books/”Plan B 3.0”
Madonna, Green Music/“Hey You”
*Mario Van Peebles/"Mario's Green House"

Second Field: Awareness/Nominee and Category
UN-IPCC & Al Gore, Special Recognition/Rajendra Pachauri
Interfaith Power & Light, Religion/Rev. Sally Bingham
James Hansen, PhD, Special Recog/Discoverer Global Warming
Leonardo DiCaprio, Movies/11th Hour
Live Earth Events, Kevin Wall (Producer)
Mark Victor Hansen, Synergy/Buckminster Fuller Award
*Set America Free/USA Energy Self Sufficiency

Third Field: Environmental Stewardship
*Environment America, Rep by Environment California
Greenpeace, Environmental Justice
NRDC, Environmental Justice/Francis Beinecke, President
*PIRG/Represented by CalPIRG and Environment California
*Randy Hayes, Founder, RAN/Environmental Justice
Robert Kennedy, Jr., Waterkeeper Alliance, NRDC
Sierra Club, Environment Org/Carl Pope, Exec. Director
Wangari Maathai, Trees/UNEP Billion Trees
WWF, Animal Protection/Carter Roberts, President and CEO

Fourth Field: Energy Efficiency
Alliance to Save Energy/Energy Efficiency
Bill Clinton, Cities/Clinton Climate Initiative
*USGBC Green Building/LEED Program/LA-USGBC
Water Technology/Drip Irrigation, Israel

Fifth Field: Transportation
AC Propulsion, Electric Cars/E Box Electric Car
Coskata Biofuels, Vinod Khosla
CalCars/Felix Kramer
Chris Paine, Director Green Films/”WK Electric Car”
Greg Johanson, Auto Conversion/Solar Prius
Google Plug-in Cars, RechargeIT, Larry Brilliant
*Guy and Cyril Negre, Auto Conversion/Air Car
*Set America Free/USA Energy Self Sufficiency
*Tesla Motors, Electric Cars/Electric Roadster

Sixth Field: Solar and Geothermal Energy
*Art Linkletter and Solargenix/Power Roof
*Amonix/7th Generation Concentrated Solar Technology
*First Solar/Largest Producer Thin-Film Solar Photovoltaics
*Larry Kazmerski/Director National Center for Photovolataics
*New Energy Congress, Future Technologies/Sterling D. Allan
Solel Solar Power Plants/
*Stan Ovshinsky, Solar Energy/Father Thin-Film Solar Photovoltaics
Stirling Energy, Solar Power Plants/Bruce Osborn,
Jefferson Tester, Geothermal Energy/Dir MIT Energy Lab

Seventh Field: Wind Energy and Hydropower
*AeroVironment-Architectural Roof Wind
Blue Energy, Hydropower
Jim Dehlsen, Father USA Wind Energy/Clipper Windpower
Jeffrey Immelt, Wind Energy/GE, CEO
*Southwest Wind, Small Wind Turbines/Skystream, Frank Greco
*Pac Wind, Microwind (Roof Wind)/Phil Watkins, CEO

Eighth Field: Education for Sustainability
Annie Leonard, Green Films/Wrote “Story of Stuff”
William McDonough, Sustainability/"Cradle2Cradle"
Bill McKibben, Sustainable Education/Step-It-Up
Paul Hawken, Sustainable Agriculture/GMO Caution
*Randy Hayes, Founder, RAN/Environmental Justice

Ninth Field: Natural Capitalism
Apollo Alliance, Green Jobs/Jerome Ringo, President
Co-op America, Green Business/Alisa Gravitz, Director
Natural Capitalism, L. Hunter Lovins, Esq
*Van Jones, Green For All, Green Jobs

Tenth Field: Government
Al Gore, Carbon Tax
Arnold Schwarzenegger, States/Governor California
Greg Nickels, Mayor of Seattle/US Mayor’s Climate Initiative
*Larry Kazmerski/Director National Center for Photovoltaics
League Conservation, Voters Legislation/Gene Karpinski, Pres
Richard Daley, Mayors/Mayor Chicago
Robert Redford, Mayors/Hosts Mayors
RGGI Cap and Trade/

Eleventh Field: Community and Utility
Ceres CSR/Mindy Lubber, President
*CEO Space/BJ Dohrmann, Global Cooperation
Southern California Edison Utilities/Large Solar Purchaser
Reuniting America Synergy/Mark Gerzon, Co-chair

Twelfth Field: International
*Ed Mercer/Edward R Mercer Foundation
UNEP Solar World/India Solar Project
William McDonough, Sustainability/Building 4 Eco-Cities in China